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2024/02/29: Ultraprocessor Ribbon launches!

About Ultraprocessor Ribbon

It is the year 2673.
Stella still uses a computer from 2002 that she calls "Ribbon" as her daily machine.
However, all computers made before 2661 are suddenly deemed illegal and must be destroyed.
Stella, wishing to preserve Ribbon, grants Ribbon the ability to transform into a beautiful, powerful combat android.
Together, they will fight against a world hellbent on destroying a bastion of the past.
... and maybe they'll fuck too (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

About Demuresoft

Demuresoft is a doujinsoft circle based in Austin, TX, formed by Jennifer Raye to reject the bleak and cynical outlooks of making independent video games. We're carving a new path, one which we hope will inspire others to never lose sight of their passions, and to shout them brilliantly from the rooftops. We strive to push the agendas of bishoujo, eroge, and doujin in America. We will not rest until our city looks like Akihabara.