Can you describe Gigahearts! in one sentence?

   Imagine if all of your computer programs were cool as heck anime girls having adventures inside your computer and the internet.

Can you describe Gigahearts! in a little more detail?

   Gigahearts! is an experimental web light novel created by me, Jennifer Raye. It is an attempt to incorporate all that I love about my nerdy interests into a story that I hope is cool, exciting, mysterious, cute, sweet, cutting edge, emotional, dangerous, a little problematic, and maybe make you cry at some point. Additionally, as someone with ADHD, I often struggle with focusing on reading, so I wish to write something lighter that anyone can enjoy!

   The story follows several programs that reside inside a computer belonging to a teenage girl, and... well... that's about all I can say without spoiling the surprises in store ^^;

How often will you post updates?

   I'm working to maintain a regular pace of writing (1 hour per day most days of the week), but I will be posting one chapter at a time. Please bookmark the page so you can check when updates are posted!

What can I do to help?

   If you're enjoying Gigahearts!, then I would be very grateful if you subscribed to the official Patreon!

Can I post a video or stream myself reading Gigahearts! online?

   Absolutely! I simply ask that you link this website and credit me.